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How to create a game for mobile free

With increasing number of mobile phones and increases the number of applications for them. Most often it is the game. Unfortunately, the free games a little, and even less good. And oddly enough, most good games are not a gaming company, and single developers.

How to create a game for mobile free

You will need:

- computer running Windows; - Internet access

Instruction how to create a free game for mobile

Step 1:

Select the platform for which will be your game. As the market for mobile operating systems are very diverse, and each system has its own characteristics to create applications. The most popular today are the following system iOs, Android, Symbian OS and Windows Phone 7. For the beginning it is best to fit the operating system Windows Phone 7. It convenient development environment that supports various types of XNA and Silverlight technologies.

Step 2:

Learn the language. This is a major step in the creation of any program. And the more programming skills, the more opportunities the implementation of ideas. One of the most powerful and at the same time easy-to-learn programming language is C #. Designed as an alternative to Microsoft's Java language, this language has great potential.

Step 3:

Come up with the idea for the game. Write down on a sheet or in a separate document everything that you want to implement in your game. But consider the possibilities. No need to make plans, heavy to implement. Think about all the items and stands out among them those that you can not do on the basis of their knowledge. To solve the difficult tasks for developers to register on the forums. You can always ask more experienced programmers.

Step 4:

Install the development environment. To create games for Windows Phone 7, you will need Visual Studio 2010 and the Windows Phone Developer Tools. Both products - absolutely free

Step 5:

Proceed to the development of the game. Decide on the type of project, additional technology and classes. Immediately determine the type of control of the game. Perhaps it will be a simple click, which will involve one or both hands. A variety of position sensors and the camera can be used. Consider the game logic and its implementation.

Step 6:

Take the design of the game. Part of content applications such as texture, images, fonts, and sounds can be found on the Internet. The rest can paint yourself or ask someone else.

Step 7:

Begin testing the game. This is the last step of the application development. Create tests for application logic and track errors that occur. Try to reduce their number to a minimum.

Step 8:

If the game is ready - publish it. Put it in the free access or log in to the app store and try to earn it. Do not throw your child and try to maintain it, improving and making something new.