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How to define China Nokiyu

Of all brands of mobile phones is the most counterfeited Nokia. According to its quality such fakes are very different from each other. One can recognize immediately, others have great similarity with the original.

How to define China Nokiyu

Instruction how to identify Chinese nokiyu

Step 1:

Remember that if your Nokia phone indicates that it is made in China, it does not mean that it is counterfeit. Some models of phones from this manufacturer is officially made there. Nothing to do, they are not fakes. As far as battery chargers and other accessories, and they all are made only in China.

Step 2:

Just ask your dealer if he offers a fake. Many sellers do not even conceal it. Sometimes they even put such machines on a separate shelf, which expressly stated that they are - fake.

Step 3:

Remember that hand-in underground passages traded almost exclusively counterfeit phones. In the market you can offer as a real and counterfeit device the Nokia, but if it is used, it is almost always a real (fake often break before getting second-hand, but be sure to ask the seller to show a box with the same IMEI number, that of the phone to make sure it is not stolen). Virtually no counterfeit phones in the stores due to the well-known names as well as in retail stores.

Step 4:

Do not think that the absence of typographical errors in the machine's name - a guarantee of its authenticity. Not all fakes are called "NOKLA". Many flaunts original logo - "NOKIA".

Step 5:

Check out the list of features that can not be counterfeit unit, even if present in the original: capacitive touch screen, GPS, WiFi, multi-tasking, AMOLED, HDMI, 3G, J2ME, autofocus, a large array in the camera, Xenon flash.

Step 6:

Check out the list of features that may be counterfeit apparatus even in their absence in the original: a resistive touchscreen (including, instead of a capacitive), stylus support for two SIM-cards, analog TV tuner, the similarity of the touchpad with icons, analog TV tuner.

Step 7:

Check for grammatical errors and inaccuracies in the translation of all the menu items. However, if you find such errors and inaccuracies in installed on used phones UCWEB browser, a sign of forgery it is not. This - the browser of Chinese origin (hence the typos), which could be installed on a real phone the previous owner.