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How to dial a phone number in Ukraine

Many Russians, especially those who have lived in the Soviet Union, still do not perceive the former republics as separate states. This is one of the reasons why the Ukrainian set of numbers sometimes causes difficulties. In this case it is necessary to follow the same algorithm as when any foreign calling subscriber.

How to dial a phone number in Ukraine

You will need:

- mobile or landline phone; - Code table states and cities.

Instruction how to dial a phone number in Ukraine

Step 1:

When you call to any location in Ukraine from a landline phone located in Russia, it is first necessary to enter the long-distance line. Pick up the handset. You probably know, you have a digital PBX or not. In the second case, wait until you get a dial tone. Dial "8" in the same way as you do it and when you call in another Russian city.

Step 2:

The next step - access to international line. For Ukraine, the exit code - the same as for any other country. Type in "10".

Step 3:

Each country has its own dialing code. You can find it in the list. For example, Russia is "7", you usually dial when calling a Russian subscriber on mobile. It also applies to fixed phone users. Type in "38". This is the code of Ukraine.

Step 4:

Dial the area code. Any phone number in Ukraine together with the code consists of ten digits. If the subscriber lives in Kiev, he has a room of seven characters and must be a three-digit code. In most cities of Ukraine and codes, and the rooms are made up of five digits. Thus, the order can be represented as the following algorithm: "8" - "10" - "38" - "city code" - "phone number."

Step 5:

When calling from a landline phone to mobile order is set to be slightly different. As in the previous case, exit on long-distance and international communication. Enter the code of Ukraine. city ​​code in this situation you do not need. You simply dial a ten-digit cell phone number. If you call from a mobile phone to a landline phone, you will have to go through the whole procedure described in the previous steps.

Step 6:

Least action when calling from mobile to mobile. In this case, no long distance or international or area code you do not need. Dial the common for the owner of a mobile phone "+". Then dial the country code, ie "38". This is followed by a ten-digit telephone number.