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How to dial the number in international format

Call around the world every day is getting easier, and ways to do this well enough. This can be done, for example, from a landline phone, using a calling card, you can use a mobile phone or, for example, Skype. It is worth paying attention to the first and last link in the evolution of communication - a call from a landline phone and a call with Skype.

How to dial the number in international format

You will need:

- Landline phone; - High speed internet access and Skype.

Instruction how to dial the number in international format

Step 1:

Option for fixed telephone landline phone Remove the handset and dial "8" - so you will go on long-distance service. After "8" in the handset will sound a steady tone. Then type "10", and you will leave the service of the international line. Then dial the desired country, city code and then the telephone number of the person you are calling.

Step 2:

To establish a connection between your number and the other party's number, you need only a few seconds. If you hear a dial tone, then the number is busy, you need to hang up, dial and wait for the entire sequence again. If the beeps are long, then wait for the call is answered. Payment for the conversation starts recorded only after the response of your interlocutor.

Step 3:

call option using Skype Skype If you have not yet installed, you can easily download the freeware site developer Install the program on your computer, go easy registration process, create and fill in the registration line, your login, password and e-mail works. Now you can log in to Skype with your login and password and start to talk with your family and friends around the world.

Step 4:

If your caller is also registered in Skype, Skype-share you names and say free, using audio or video formats.

Step 5:

If you want to call a regular landline phone, then enter in the service line phone number in the following order: country number, area code, phone number. In this case, you call the video format is not available, but the call will be considerably cheaper.