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How to disable the pin code

Pin-code is a good protection for your phone against intruders, but if you constantly forget him or think that he will not need it, then it can be easily unplugged.

How to disable the pin code

Instruction how to disable the pin code

Step 1:

To get started go to your mobile phone menu, find the "Options" or "Preferences" phone. Title determined depending on the model of the mobile device.

Step 2:

Next, select "phone" or "basic", and sometimes there is such a name as "General Settings".

Step 3:

You go in this folder, select "Phone Management", "security" or "defense", that it determines the model of your phone, as described above.

Step 4:

You open the folder and find such references as "phone and sim-card» or «pin-code." To disable pin-code, choose the link to disable pin, but this function will need to enter your pin-code that belongs to this sim-card. After entering the code the phone will complete the transaction and pin-code will no longer be prompted for your mobile device when the device is switched on.

Step 5:

To make it more clear how to turn off the pin-code in your mobile device, we explain two specific examples. Take the Nokia model phone with a touch screen, as well as Sumsung phone models without such a screen.

Step 6:

Thus, Nokia mobile phone. You go in the menu, select the folder "Settings", and then open a new window, where you select the folder "Phone", then "Phone Management", "protection" and eventually go to the folder "mobile phone and sim card". Here you will find a "code request pin», click on this window, choose to turn off your phone and enter the request pin, which belongs to this sim-card. After surgery, done pin is disconnected you.

Step 7:

The second option - the example Sumsung phone model. You go in the mobile phone menu, select the folder "Settings", then "Security, then" check the pin ", click on the window" disable ", then it will be necessary to enter the pin. Upon completion of this operation, it is switched off.