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How to disassemble Motorolla V3

Phone Motorola V3 for all its virtues has a relatively fragile display. Therefore, take it apart to replace this part is required very often. The procedure for disassembly is very specific.

How to disassemble Motorolla V3

Instruction how to disassemble motorolla v3

Step 1:

Turn off your phone, disconnect the charger, remove the battery, SIM-card, and in the repair options, equipped with a memory card - and her.

Step 2:

For loosening screws, use the appropriate size Allen wrench. Do not attempt to use a Phillips or slotted screwdriver - slots may be permanently damaged and would be impossible to open the phone.

Step 3:

If replacement affects only the display or the camera, you can skip the steps related to the dismantling of the bottom of the apparatus. To remove the battery, SIM-card and memory card must be still.

Step 4:

Remove the two screws, one of which is located next to the SIM-card holder, and the other - on the opposite side of the body.

Step 5:

Remove the back cover. As a tool for her department use SIM-card. Perform this operation with care to avoid damaging it.

Step 6:

From the side of the cover facing to USB-port, there are two ribbon cables that connect the nodes located in the lid, with nodes located in the body of the phone. Therefore, lift the opposite side, so as not to damage these cables.

Step 7:

Disconnect from the card connectors disposed in the lid.

Step 8:

Remove the four screws located on the back side of the cover, the conventional Phillips screwdriver. Remove the cover and ground bus.

Step 9:

Remove the plastic cover, and then the cost. Speaker will remain in place. If it is faulty, remove and replace it.

Step 10:

Gently peel off the label located in the battery compartment.

Step 11:

Disengage six latches and remove the keyboard.

Step 12:

Remove falshpalen and remove the four screws located around the screen.

Step 13:

Using the tool as SIM-card, detach the cover of the upper half shell.

Step 14:

Disengage two connectors located between the display and camera.


Disconnect charge with an external display and a camera and lift it from the side opposite the chamber.


Replace the internal display or the camera, depending on which of them has failed.


Assemble the phone in the reverse order.