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How to distinguish the original battery

The use of non-original batteries may cause a failure in the warranty of the device. So he loses in a container holding charge much less, and in a few months can do "die."

How to distinguish the original battery

Instruction how to distinguish the original battery

Step 1:

Note the packing. Crumpled wrapping downright screaming: here a fake battery. It can even give a fake head. Typographical printing in the original is much clearer, sealing the packaging looks like a stick with a circle, exactly glued hologram.

Step 2:

Be sure to check the documentation. Availability of instructions, compatibility list for disposal instructions required. The documents must be in multiple languages. But the characters have to alert you. The Chinese market - it is a separate segment for manufacturers and nothing to do with us to have should not.

Step 3:

Pay attention to your original battery, and is generally better to buy a new grab it with him. Carefully compare the appearance of the devices. Despite the fact that often they are very similar in appearance, there are things that you nastorozhat. Housing material - it is slightly oily to the touch from the original. Contact the current battery covered with a smooth homogeneous alloy golden color, no scratches and rubs.

Step 4:

Look at the battery label. In the original should be an icon - in the trash is not disposed of, printing labels clearer, sticker pasted exactly, the letters in any case are not circumcised. Shake the battery in the original nothing should hang inside. Forgery may be easier by weight. The original battery has to sit tight and not to hang out in his "house."

Step 5:

From fake you can keep buying "live" in a specialty store, from an authorized dealer.