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How to distinguish the original phone from China

At present, often counterfeited all that is not ashamed to be forged. It did not escape the Chinese side of the bunglers and phones, in particular IPhone. How can you distinguish the original from the Chinese IPhone?

How to distinguish the original phone from China

Instruction how to distinguish between the original phone from China

Step 1:

Note phone packaging. When she opened, thoroughly believe all that there is. Even if the unit itself "pure", the headset or charging can be replaced by Chinese.

Step 2:

Charger corporate iPhone weighs 60 grams and it says Foxlink or Flextronix. Chinese counterparts easier - they weigh 40 grams, and they are often applied Chinese characters.

Step 3:

Look for a sticker on the phone box. If the present, you will never see a sticker glued upside down on the text on the packaging.

Step 4:

On the USB-cable from the phone connector should be no latches.

Step 5:

With the headset is more difficult - the differences between the original and the Chinese no headphones, is that counterfeit wire tougher.

Step 6:

Look to the apple logo, which some counterfeits can be bitten with the other hand.

Step 7:

Screen size from corporate IPhone larger than that of counterfeiting from China. This is clearly seen when the original and the copy are close by.

Step 8:

In this iPhone cover to remove quite difficult, can not be said about his Chinese counterpart.

Step 9:

In the real iPhones are always set Macintosh. In the case of a fake system may differ. And maybe you do not realize that there is a OS and OS whether it is at all.

Step 10:

Original Apple's devices support Wi-Fi, and the Chinese do not always. If your iPhone does not support Wi-Fi, it is precisely China.

Step 11:

Touchscreen counterfeit ayfonov reacts to touch any object, unlike proprietary display device which responds to touch a finger.

Step 12:

Original iPhones support the virtual keyboard, and the Chinese do not have.

Step 13:

Sometimes in certain IPhone menu items found spelling errors and typos. This means that the device is clearly Chinese assembly and nothing Apple now it has not.

Step 14:

Complete with iPhones can not stand to be on the table, a device for extracting from the device SIM-card and cloth. If you bought a brand new iPhone, and there are no such things, you know - your machine is clearly a fake.


Memory original iPhones are always built in, while their Chinese competitors have removable flash drives.