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How to download the program from the PC to the phone

The number of programs and applications for mobile phones is increasing day by day. To download tools used in some variants of the mobile device. The most common ones are: download the application from the Internet and copy files from your computer.

How to download the program from the PC to the phone

You will need:

- PC Suite; - USB-cable; - Bluetooth-adapter.

Instruction how to download the program from the PC to the phone

Step 1:

Most applications for mobile phones are in the jar and jad file formats. From the selected format depends directly on how to install the application. If you downloaded the jar-files, please do the computer and phone synchronization.

Step 2:

To do this, connect the mobile device to USB-port PC with a suitable cable. If the cable is not available, use the Bluetooth-adapter.

Step 3:

After you connect your mobile device to your computer, select the "Memory Card". This will copy the files directly to the phone memory or on the flash-card.

Step 4:

Copy the jar-halyards. Disconnect your phone from the computer. Open the menu of the mobile device and move the copied files in the phone's memory. Check the application.

Step 5:

If you are dealing with jad-file, install PC Suite software. Use the version approved by the manufacturer of your mobile device. With this program, do the mobile phone to synchronize with your computer.

Step 6:

After connecting the device, be sure to select PC Suite para. Run the "Install Applications" and open the menu. Click "Browse" and select the file with the extension jad. Click "Install" and wait for the completion of this procedure.

Step 7:

Similarly, follow the installation of other programs in your mobile phone. Now disconnect the device from the computer. Reboot your phone and try to run the installed programs.

Step 8:

When you select a specific application to make sure it is compatible with the model of your mobile phone. If the backup utility jar-file does not run, try to use PC Suite software to install applications of this type.