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How to Enable Chinese phone

Chinese cell phones, like their prototypes known firms, with private power button. Before you turn on this machine, you must install the battery, two SIM-cards and memory card.

How to Enable Chinese phone

Instruction how to enable Chinese phone

Step 1:

Unpack the phone. Locate the battery. Position it so that its contacts are in the same angle as that of the spring in the compartment. Push it to the springs, and then insert it into the compartment.

Step 2:

Put on the cover and slide it up until it clicks. If required, further tighten the two screws on each side.

Step 3:

Move the side rubber plugs slots for memory cards and the first SIM-card. Install them in these slots. Do not apply in this considerable effort - if the installation fails, maybe you just need to flip the card. The memory card format MicroSD use.

Step 4:

To put the second SIM-card, slide the rubber plug at the top of the housing, on which is written HDMI. In fact, HDMI-connector at the fake phone, but there is a second card holder. Then install all the plug in place.

Step 5:

As both SIM-card and memory card must be installed in slots intended for them to click. To get the card, you need to put pressure on her tip pen conventional pens while hear a second click. After that, it will come out, and if not, it should be carefully pull out with tweezers.

Step 6:

Connect the charger to the socket on the bottom of the case. Turn it into a power outlet, and the screen will soon be a stylized image of the batteries are charging. Press the power button located at the top of the housing. Keep it up until the phone starts. Make sure that he has found both SIM-card. If necessary, format the memory card. Location menu item lets you do this depends on the phone model.

Step 7:

Wait until charging is finished and start to use the machine. If the charger is lost or fails, you can usually use any other, designed for the original Nokia phones (with a thin plug).