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How to enable nokia 6300

Mobile phone Nokia 6300 - a stylish bar with a megapixel camera, video recording, music player, Bluetooth and a standard set of business applications. Cover the tube and part of its front panel made of silver brushed metal, attached to the machine solidity and made of glossy plastic screen frame and the panel above the rear lid emphasize the present model. To start using the newly acquired phone Nokia 6300, it must be enabled.

How to enable nokia 6300

You will need:

- Nokia 6300

Instruction how to turn on the Nokia 6300

Step 1:

Mobile device Nokia 6300 operates in GSM networks, so making calls from this phone purchase due saloon suitable SIM card. Slightly pressing the back cover with your thumb, slide it in the opposite direction from the plastic back panel.

Step 2:

Remove the battery by prying with a fingernail notch on the side part. Insert SIM card holder in a special way as shown in the diagram near the holding device. Metal pins plastic card must touch the contacts of the holder.

Step 3:

Without a SIM card the device will operate in stand-alone mode. This means that will be available only to applications that do not require operator services, photography and video shooting. Make and receive calls, send and receive SMS and MMS-messages, use the internet only if you have a plastic card mobile phone provider.

Step 4:

Place the battery in a niche located on top of the installed SIM card so that the metal contacts on the battery aligned with the same contacts in the battery compartment. If necessary, insert a memory card in a special slot, pressing it into the hole until it clicks.

Step 5:

Replace the removed unit back cover. Then, connect to the appropriate connector on the bottom of the phone charger that you have purchased with the Nokia 6300. Connect the device to the network. After 2 hours and 45 minutes are finished charging the battery.

Step 6:

To turn the unit on, press and hold for a few seconds rectangular button with the "minus" in a circle, on the top edge of the phone. As soon as the screen displays an animated image of two hands and greets will play the melody, release the power button.