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How to fix a memory card

According to statistics, most of the memory card out of order due to the emergence of logical faults. Also, the card may have a mechanical breakdown, electrical and thermal damage, and a controller failure may occur. Less wear and tear of all memory occurs.

How to fix a memory card

Instruction how to fix memory card

Step 1:

To begin, consider the logical faults. Flash card in this case, will be recognized by the system as blank or unformatted. The recorded files on it will not be visible. This failure is the result of a premature remove the card from the slot. Also, the reason can be a sudden shutdown of the operating system's power. As a result, all the documents are in place, and a service table is corrupted the file system. Thus, you will not be able to see the data that is stored on the media.

Step 2:

To solve the problem, there are special data recovery software. It is best to use EasyRecovery. However, the program may not always help solve problems. Sometimes, in order to restore the important files on the flash drive, you need to perform laborious "jewelry" work.

Step 3:

To avoid this kind of problem does not arise with flash, you should use the opportunity to "safely remove device", completing the work with the carrier. Also, you do not need to pull out the media from the laptop, while the system does not consider the data from it.

Step 4:

Particular attention should be paid to mechanical failure. With this support may damage while working almost flawlessly. Such breakage occurs due to careless relation to the device. In the first place there is damage to the body flash, then move contacts separators, and catch prohibition falls and write permissions. If the memory chip is cracked, the data will be lost anyway. In other cases, you must make contact recovery, to carry out the replacement of damaged parts, strengthen the USB connector, repair or replace the housing.

Step 5:

To avoid this problem, you must initially purchase quality USB Flash, which are durable and not too thin body. It is best to buy a vehicle in a monolithic body. Very popular flash drive with rubberized casing.