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How to fix the joystick psp

PSP gaming prefix is ​​controlled by a built-in joystick. It allows you to completely immersed in the game world and enjoy the capabilities of modern devices. However, this happiness can quickly end in the event of a breakdown. To repair you can own or use the service.

How to fix the joystick psp

Instruction how to fix the joystick psp

Step 1:

Call for service if your PSP game console under warranty. Skilled craftsmen quickly repaired damage to the joystick, and you can continue to enjoy the game world. However, in the absence of the warranty sheet, or if the damage is not included in the warranty case, the repair can sometimes cost almost as much, and a new device. In this connection it is necessary to learn to repair the joystick.

Step 2:

Purchase spare parts for PSP joystick. They can be found in specialized shops or radio market. Thus, you can quickly replace a broken or lost key spring. Also be sure to have on hand a thin screwdriver, which is needed in case of opening of the enclosure.

Step 3:

Use epoxy resin for self-repairing PSP joystick. From this mass can be broken button or replace the punched portion of the body casing. It is necessary to be careful not to accidentally seal tightly some details.

Step 4:

Replace spring indulgence if joystick buttons began to sink. To do this, you must unleash the enclosure. Take a camera and take a picture of the design, not to forget where any item attached. Remove the broken spring from the holder and replace it with a new one.

Step 5:

Buy a new Case for PSP joystick, if there has been damage to his total, and there is no way to collect the items into one. A suitable housing can be purchased in a special shop for the sale of video game consoles, complete with new bolts.

Step 6:

Take a debugging operation PSP joystick with special screening programs that are installed in the console. With the help of plug-ins expose sensitive buttons renovated. In some cases it will be necessary to re-enter the functional purpose of each key.