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How to fix the key

Registry - a structured database OS Windows database which contains information about the settings and status of the system. Many viruses modify the registry state to disguise its presence. The result of these actions may be prohibited launch "Control Panel", "Task Manager", the inability to surf the web, etc.

How to fix the key

Instruction how to fix key

Step 1:

Special program editors can be used to restore the registry keys. One Glary Registry Repair. After installing and running the program in the "Tasks" check the box "Registry Fix", then in "Field test" section, select the items and Registry Integrity Files and Folders. In the "Tasks", click "Browse my mistakes." After searching, the program will display a list of the errors found. Click the "Fix".

Step 2:

Another well-known program to fix registry - CSleaner. After you install and run the program on the left side of the dialog box click on the icon "Register" and "The integrity of the registry" section, tick the check box that you want to check. After searching in the right side of the screen displays a list of the errors found.

Step 3:

Click the "Fix". When asked about the system backing up reply "Yes." Specify the location where to save the backup registry. It is necessary to return the current status of the system, if the correction would lead to problems.

Step 4:

You will see the first error in the list with an explanation of why it occurred. If you use the button "Correct", the program will display each error in turn. To remove all the problems at once, click "Correct marked."

Step 5:

Another popular program Registry Repair - AVZ4. In the menu, select "File", then click "Database updates", and click "Start" in the new window.

Step 6:

Then choose the option "Scan" from the "File" menu. Select the scan area. After scanning is complete, use the "System Restore" to remedy the consequences of the action of viruses. Check the boxes for the features that you want to restore, and click "Execute selected operations."