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How to flash the Chinese player

Sew Chinese player any service center is today, however, having the desire, you can do it yourself. As a general rule, for each model fits its players, specifically, the firmware version.

How to flash the Chinese player

You will need:

- a computer connected to the "Internet"; - Player.

Instruction how to sew a Chinese player

Step 1:

Before flashing the player, try to format it. Some models are enough of such a method of "treatment". If reformatting does not work, then log in to the internet and download the firmware version that matches your player model. Firmware version depends on the serial number of the device, so before you look for information, determine the serial number of your device. There are many websites that provide links to the firmware of different models, so you will find what you need easily.

Step 2:

Download the appropriate firmware version, unzip it. So far, all actions are performed only on the computer without connecting it to the player. After unpacking, start flasher called fusblink20.exe. Then click «add files ...» and add two prefer.dat file and program.bin of "2066_802_1.16_0905" folder.

Step 3:

Only now connect the player to your computer via USB-port and wait for the flashing process will start automatically. Once the firmware update is complete, you will see an inscription «Successful», as well as images with a yellow light bulb. Then exit the program and restart the player. At this the firmware is completed.

Step 4:

In the process of firmware in any case, do not disconnect the player, otherwise all the work done will come to nothing. If the firmware your player begins to "fail", it is possible that the player - a fake because the firmware is written for the original models. Therefore, before buying a device, verify its authenticity, you are required to prove that the people selling goods.