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How to flash the phone for free

Cell phone as a computer, consists of two main parts: iron and software (firmware - firmware). The quality of the phone depends on both of them. When their shortcomings are various irregularities in the system: spontaneous shutdown hang, poor communication, unstable operation of applications and others. But if the power of the hardware in a specially equipped service center to fix a specialist, then work on the part of the program, namely to replace the firmware of your phone may be a normal user. Producer Nokia cell phone allows its customers to update your phone software yourself.

How to flash the phone for free

You will need:

The cable to connect the phone and the computer, the program Nokia Ovi Suite, Internet access, computer.

Instruction how to flash the phone for free

Step 1:

Download by clicking in the table model of your phone, and install it on your computer free program Nokia Ovi Suite from the Nokia website. However, the program will install the necessary drivers for your phone. Connect your phone to a computer cable, the phone when prompted "Select Mode", select PC Suite. When the call is connected to the computer, in the lower part of the program will appear on your phone picture with his name. Before flashing to save data from the phone to the computer. Turn off the antivirus software. Under the battery check the product code phone. Each country has its own product codes. To make sure that the phone is not "gray" that is officially imported to Russia for sale, please call Nokia Care 8-800-700-22-22 hotline and inform them of the phone's IMEI. If the phone is turned "gray", flash the official way it will not be possible.

Step 2:

In Nokia Ovi Suite application, select "Tools", then "Software Updates". The program will show the phone firmware version and if there is a newer, prompts you to upgrade. The possible list of updates, select the right. Make an update. If your phone has the latest version of the software, instead of upgrade offer to reinstall the firmware This procedure is suitable if there is a problem in the phone. If you want the program itself tracked the emergence of new firmware and download them, please tick the appropriate box in the "Tools - Options - General".

Step 3:

Instead, Nokia Ovi Suite, you can use the Nokia Software Updater application (Nokia Software Update), after installing Nokia PC Suite software.