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How to format a cell phone

Formatting allows you to clear all data from your phone and restore all your settings to the factory settings. Phones from different companies are formatted differently, most older models can be reset to factory defaults only at the service center with the help of special equipment.

How to format a cell phone

Instruction how to format a cell phone

Step 1:

Smartphones and the Nokia phones are formatted using the administration of a combination of digits in the mode dial. If you dial * # 7780 #, then all the settings will be reset to the factory, but your data will remain intact. If you enter * # 7370 # will be used hard-reset the phone, and will be fully cleaned and formatted. After the introduction of this combination need to enter the unlock code, which defaults to 12345.

Step 2:

To format the Samsung phones must enter the combination mode dial * 2767 * 3855 #. All uploaded user data will be deleted, it will be only the standard content, which was installed at the factory.

Step 3:

For Sony Ericsson does not exist any special code to reset, is responsible for this menu item "Settings" - "Reset to factory settings". Mobile phones based on Symbian are formatted using the same code for Nokia - * # 7370 #.

Step 4:

iPhone formatted from the corresponding menu under "Settings" - "General" - "Restore". Select "Delete All Data", then a warning message appears. Confirm your selection, then the smartphone screen turns off, and then the waiting icon appears. After formatting will «Apple» logo and the phone will automatically reboot.

Step 5:

For Android phones in the phone menu and there is a corresponding item. Go to "Settings" - "Security" - "Reset factory settings" - reset the phone. " All settings and data from your phone will be completely removed.