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How to format the phone flash card

Complete removal of the information from different drives achieved their formatting. When operating with mobile phone flash card, there are several variants of the process.

How to format the phone flash card

You will need:

- USB Foramt Storage; - Card reader.

Instruction on how to format your phone memory stick

Step 1:

First of all, try to format the drive using the mobile phone functions. Turn on the machine and open the settings menu. Go to «flash-card" or "Memory".

Step 2:

Locate the "Format" or "Clear". Run this procedure. Wait for the successful cleaning of flash cards messages.

Step 3:

If your mobile phone does not support the above function, use a PC to format the drive. Plug the flash drive into the computer. Use a card reader.

Step 4:

It is worth noting that some laptops have a built-in card reader. Use it to connect flash drives. Wait until the new drive is determined by the operating system.

Step 5:

Open "My Computer" menu. Click on the icon flash card, right-click and select "Format." Ask a drive cleaning options. Select the file system. Cancel the option "Clear the table of contents", removing the check mark from the eponymous village.

Step 6:

Click "Start". Confirm the launch of the process of formatting the flash card. Connect the device to the phone and verify its functionality.

Step 7:

Certain drives may be password protected. As a rule, it is set by the user. If you forget your access code to your flash card, install the USB Format Storage program.

Step 8:

Connect the USB flash drive into your computer and run the specified application. In the Device field, select the desired drive. Turn off the Quick Format option.

Step 9:

Select the file system by specifying the desired category in the File System column. Press the Start button. Now click Yeas to confirm complete cleaning stick.

Step 10:

If you try to clean the drive, a message indicates that the disk is write protected, remove the flash card from the card reader. Drag the slider, located on the side of the card, to the position Open or Unlock. Repeat the formatting algorithm stick.