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How to get the address on the phone

Quick search of potential customers is one of the main methods of managers and sales representatives. When transferring customers from one employee to another sometimes addresses, and remain only in the phone book entry will be lost. Find the address on the phone can be using a variety of information systems.

How to get the address on the phone

Instruction on the phone to get the address

Step 1:

One of the most comprehensive database of addresses and phone software has complex background "DoubleGIS". If an organization whose address you are looking for is in the city, which is designed for electronic directory "2GIS", it will be easy to find. Run the program, update it if necessary. If the date of the last update more than three months, it is not all the features will be available, and the information will be irrelevant.

Step 2:

In the upper left corner of the find button called "Advanced Search" and click on it. This opens an additional dialog box that allows you to combine different search criteria to get the most accurate information. In this window you will see among others the "Contacts" string. Here you can select the search method by phone or email. In the "Phone Number" enter your known set of numbers. Drive the row numbers are not separated by parentheses or dashes - your program and so well understand. Ease of directory is that it will give all the options of matches, even if you only know part of the number.

How to get the address on the phone

Step 3:

Check the address of the organization can help the city and through the service. Call to get on the phone 09. If for some reason you are unable to call a free "Gorspravki", call 009 or 063. The second option does not necessarily imply a paid provision of information - if it requires payment, the operator notifies the. Call help desk operator phone number you are interested in the company. After a while you get the information you need, if it exists in the database.

Step 4:

If you are interested in how to find the address of the phone number of an individual, then keep in mind that, under Article 137 of the Criminal Code, without his personal consent no one has the right to distribute information about the private life. These include a phone number, place of registration and so on. A paid service 009 can find the address. But the procedure is quite long: help desk staff member will call you at the number indicated, if he succeeds, he will receive from a person authorized to disclose personal information. Then it will call and tell you to have the location of the person you are looking for. But why all this complexity, if it is possible to call and find out all the information you need?