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How to improve the reception of TV antenna

It is unpleasant when the television antenna receives few programs, and those - in a bad quality. Especially shame if caught the worst of the most interesting channels. Solve the problem will change the orientation of the antenna, its replacement or addition of an amplifier.

How to improve the reception of TV antenna

You will need:

- aerial amplifier and power supply therefor; - Antenna splitter; - Antenna cable 75 ohms; - Ohm meter; - Soldering and brazing materials; - Materials for sealing the hole in the wall. - Antenna connectors; - Different antenna designs.

Instruction how to improve the reception of TV antenna

Step 1:

Do not try to use an indoor antenna, if your home is equipped with a collective. Install special branching device (CRAB - cable splitter subscriber home) and use it to move the signal from the antenna to the collective of your existing TV sets that previously operated with an indoor antenna.

Step 2:

If it is impossible to use the collective antenna, check that the frequency band indoor antenna frequency channels that you watch. For example, if you prefer decimeter channels, there is no point in trying to take them with good quality using meter antenna and vice versa. The telescopic antenna can not only change the position of the knee, but also to adjust their length, and should not think that they should always be put forward entirely. The higher the frequency channel, so they must be brought to a shorter length. Excessive length may be detrimental to the reception as well as insufficient, and it is best to pick up empirically.

Step 3:

Connect indoor antenna to the TV is not directly but through a special antenna extension. This will allow it to move around the room. Find the position where the best reception. Sometimes it is useful to place the antenna near the VCR tuner and your TV to connect its long low-frequency cable. This will tune away from interference if their source (e.g., computer) is located near the TV.

Step 4:

If it was not possible to improve the reception by moving indoor antenna Use outdoor. Place it on the wall located opposite the TV center, protection from the weather, seal cable entry into the room. In a private house the best place for an outdoor antenna - the roof. In no case do not use the outdoor antenna in the event that your house is not in the zone of action of the lightning rod.

Step 5:

Being in the zone of uncertain reception telecentre signal, use an antenna with an amplifier. By purchasing a set of amplifier and compatible antenna, attach the board with two screws designed for it, and to the board itself, connect the coaxial cable. On the opposite side connect to it instead of the usual special plug, designed to supply the supply voltage cable to the amplifier, and at the same time prevent this voltage into a TV. This connector, together with the power supply included in the amplifier package.