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How to improve video

Home video, download online movie or acquired fail drive - any file may require improving the quality of the video. Needless dark shooting, lack of definition and other issues with the image can be corrected with the help of special software.

How to improve video

You will need:

PC, internet access.

Instruction on how to improve the video

Step 1:

In order to improve video quality, it is necessary to choose one of the programs for processing the video. The most accessible are EnhanceMovie and VirtualDub. You can use both, most likely you will stop at one that you like best in terms of functionality, usability and quality of the final result.

Step 2:

To improve the recording start the selected program.

Step 3:

Open the file in the program that need to improve. As a rule, it can be done via the "Menu" - "Open" (or "Load File"). Next, select the desired video.

Step 4:

And in VirtualDub, and EnhanceMovie to open the settings and adjust the brightness, sharpness, contrast, and other video. Find any, can be in the menu settings - depending on the program may be a single window for all menu settings or individual sub-items for each parameter. Accordingly, it is necessary to adjust those settings that you do not like in the picture when watching video.

Step 5:

Review the changes, if all you are satisfied. You can adjust or restore the old settings, if needed.

Step 6:

Save video. Optimally create a second file - if after saving something does not work, you can always revert to the original version.