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How to increase the volume of the speakers

Often the organization of an event to be held at home, for example, a birthday, you need musical accompaniment. As a rule, it would be desirable that the sound was like a loud as possible. Also, increased noise may be needed if you just want to listen to your favorite music as loudly as possible. In this case we can use a few simple ways in which one can greatly enhance the capacity of the columns.

How to increase the volume of the speakers

Instruction how to increase the volume of the speakers

Step 1:

If you can afford to spend a little money, you can buy a special audio amplifier. This device amplifies the sound, which is fed to the column, so that they sound much louder. Depending on the speaker, power amplifier varies. Always test it immediately after purchase.

Step 2:

To enhance the volume of one or multiple tracks at once, use the audio editors. If you want to make changes not only the volume but also the equalizer certain tracks, use Adobe Audition or Sony Sound Forge - These editors have broad functionality and better processing quality.

Step 3:

To increase only the volume, but multiple tracks, use mp3gain program. It can increase the volume of sound from several tracks at once, but you need to make copies of files when using it. This should be the case if, after processing the file will sound noisy.

Step 4:

The simplest method of increasing the volume is to maximize all the equalizer in the player you are using. This method requires only the presence of an equalizer in the program that you use to play music. Drag the slider all the frequencies in the highest position and play the desired track in order to ensure the safety of euphony.