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How to insert batteries

Flashlight, radio, clocks are able to work independently for a long time, even where there is no electricity, thanks to the battery. The capacity of the battery depends on the type of components and materials. Sometimes the devices operating on independent sources of electricity sold without them. In order to use such purchased the appliance must know which batteries are suitable for it and how to insert the device correctly.

How to insert batteries

You will need:

- appliance running on batteries - store where batteries are sold

Instruction how to insert batteries

Step 1:

To the appliance to work, first find out what type of battery is suitable for him. This information can be found on the packaging or the device attached instructions. Obtain the required type of batteries in a specialty store.

Step 2:

Saline batteries typically used for devices with low power consumption - small toys, flashlights, various low-power transmitters. Alkaline (alkaline) batteries can provide the necessary energy radios, table clock, electric shavers, toys with a motor, audio players.

Step 3:

For calculators, watches, hearing aids fit, silver-zinc batteries. Lithium power sources that have the greatest capacity, are used in a variety of devices, data storage, cell phones, watches, various devices with high power consumption.

Step 4:

Get full information about the battery allows its labeling. In the notation of LR20, LR14, LR6, LR03, first letter shows the chemical composition of the battery: "C" - Lithium, "S" - Silver-zinc, "L" - Alkaline. If the letter is missing, then before you salt battery.

Step 5:

The second letter refers to the shape of the power supply: "R" - Cylindrical, "F" - Plane, as a tablet. If the battery does not begin marking with the letters, and with a number (e.g., 6F22), it means the number of its components smaller batteries. The figures at the end of such signs indicate the radius of the batteries.

Step 6:

The instructions to the appliance to find out where is the battery compartment. Move the right cover and carefully inspect it: on the inside can be placed in the layout of the battery compartment.

Step 7:

At one end of cylindrical batteries is the negative terminal and the other - positive. At the positive pole of the convex portion is larger than a negative one. It is also common to the battery housing can be found in the form of designation plus and minus, indicating the polarity of the poles.

Step 8:

The size of the cylindrical batteries are of the following types: D, C, AA, AAA. D - diameter of the largest battery, AAA - the smallest.

Step 9:

In tablets, the batteries, in contrast, the positive terminal is located on the flat side, and a negative - on a slightly convex. Usually on the flat side of the battery can be seen as a plus symbol, prompts polarity.

Step 10:

Insert the batteries according to the diagram on the instrument lid or explanations in the instruction manual. Be sure to observe the polarity of the poles of the power and circuit elements.

Step 11:

After the location of the batteries in a special compartment, close the device cover.