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How to install an application on your phone with your computer

In order not to use expensive mobile internet, all necessary applications you can upload to your computer. And then, with the help of usb-cable or card reader, transfer the program to your phone.

How to install an application on your phone with your computer

Instruction how to install the app on your phone with your computer

Step 1:

Before you download the app, make sure it is right for your mobile phone. You can do this by reading its specifications.

Step 2:

Download the program and save it on your computer. Connect your mobile to the system unit via usb-cable. Wait until "Transfer files on the PC" phone appears or "Connect to PC" or "Create a connection". Each model has its own symbols connect to a computer.

Step 3:

Go to the folder "My Computer" and find the mobile phone identification. It usually appears as a removable drive. Choose a location where you want to install the application. This could be the phone's memory card or memory stick.

Step 4:

Click the desired media. Right click on the tag application. Press the Ctrl key. Hold it, drag the program to the memory card.

Step 5:

Pull out the usb-cable from the connector in the computer, after clicking on the icon "Safely Remove Device" at the bottom of the desktop, next to the date and clock. Then disconnect it from the phone.

Step 6:

Go to the folder on your phone where you installed the application. If you want to install it, click setup. The program will open automatically. Select language - Russian or English, and you can start using.