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How to install navigation software

Navigator - a convenient and mobile assistant for the driver on the road. However, not always quality preset maps correspond to the owner's expectations. And if Navigators Garmin and Tom Tom companies can only work on your software, then the other device manufacturers can install the cards that you need.

How to install navigation software

Instruction how to install the navigation program

Step 1:

Buy the necessary software for navigation. It is better to use licensed versions of the navigation, you try to set free, but illegal cards.

Step 2:

Take an empty memory card, similar to the one installed in your browser. With the help of it and need to install the new card. If you want to use a memory card that is used in the Navigator, the pobespokoytes advance the preservation of all existing and new data on the computer. If you install the new card does not work, you can always set the standard in the navigator program.

Step 3:

Substituting installed software on new, keep in mind that you need to replace it with the same files. For proper installation of each new file you must specify the same name, which had to be replaced. If the executable file is called HHH.exe, the new navigation is also necessary to call HHH.ehe. Carefully rename all installed files and folders in which they are located.

Step 4:

Transfer new files to a blank SD card. Insert it into a special connector and turn on the device navigator. press the "Navigation" on the opening screen. Navigator will start the necessary programs.

Step 5:

Navigators some firms inadequate installation files for the correct operation of card often requires an activation key. This is another argument for the purchase of licensed software.

Step 6:

Read the instructions supplied to the navigation and program settings. Some navigation models require to specify additional parameters, such as a GPS port and file paths. The file path can be assigned using a text editor installed in the browser.