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How to install the sis file to your phone

Applications to the Symbian operating system are distributed in files with SIS and SISX extensions. Each of them requires prior use of the special installation procedures.

How to install the sis file to your phone

Instruction how to install the sis file to your phone

Step 1:

First, find out whether or SIS- SISX-file with the application for the version of the Symbian operating system is suitable, which is installed on your phone. If it turns out that it is not compatible with your device, it does not mean that it is impossible to put an appropriate program for him. If it is free, please visit the manufacturer's website and see if there was another version of the application that is compatible with your phone.

Step 2:

Check the file for viruses using antivirus or VirusTotal service.

Step 3:

Look on your phone's memory card folder called Others. Place SIS- or SISX-file in this folder in any way: through the Internet, Bluetooth, cable. If necessary, use a card reader.

Step 4:

Start the machine file manager - either built-in or third-party: Y-Browser, FExplorer, X-Plore. Navigate to the appropriate folder of memory card. If you are using a built-in file manager, it can automatically replace the mapping name to the Others folder in the "Other". Select the file and launch it for execution.

Step 5:

During installation, answer all the questions positively. When prompted to select the installation location, select a memory card as such - it is much more space than most phone. If the installation is successful, the icon of the installed program will appear in the menu of a folder called "My Applications" or similar. If the file still will be incompatible with the device, you will see an error message.

Step 6:

If necessary, drag the application icon to a different location or folder to another folder menu. Do not confuse the menu structure of folders to folders in a file system - they do not have each other in any way. Remove the application using the menu will not work - you will have to run the built-in phone software "Application Manager" located in the "Tools" menu folder.