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How to listen to the phone's security code

Safety codes are used in cell phones in a few cases: when the phone is blocked for a particular operator, as well as the protection of personal information contained in the phone or SIM card. Protection type determines the actions that should be taken. If you need to get around the above types of codes, use a series of simple steps.

How to listen to the phone's security code

Instruction how to listen to the phone's security code

Step 1:

Locking a mobile operator is used to prevent use of the phone in a network other than the one under which he 'is locked. " In this case, you must enter a special code that is requested to be turned off. Open the back cover of the phone, and then write down the IMEI number is located under the battery. Please contact your network operator and ask for the unlock code, giving the IMEI number. In case of failure, re-flash the phone.

Step 2:

For this operation, the phone will need to synchronize with your computer. Download drivers and software for the synchronization software in the event that as supplied with the phone, there is no CD-ROM with the software. Install the drivers and software, connect your phone to your computer using the data cable. Use the official site to find the factory software. Fully charge the battery. Copy all personal information on the computer, and then flash the phone. Perform this operation only if the instructions on the operation for your phone, otherwise, contact the service center.

Step 3:

When you lock the phone's internal security code should refer to the phone's manufacturer. Show your serial number and IMEI-number and ask for a reset code for the firmware and reset code. If for any reason you receive a rejection, do re-flash of the first step.

Step 4:

If the SIM card is locked, enter the pac-code indicated on the plastic card from a SIM card next to the PIN code. If the code does not fit, then you need to contact the Customer Service Center operator, to which you are connected, requesting a new sim card to replace the old. Your contacts and messages will be lost, but your phone number will remain.