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How to listen to your phone

In our modern world, with the development of technology and various innovations listening phone has become possible not only for the security services and law enforcement agencies. Determine the bug on your mobile ordinary man in the street is difficult.

How to listen to your phone

Instruction how to define the listening phone

Step 1:

Keep the temperature of your mobile phone battery. If it is hot, and telephone negotiations are not conducted, it is one of the signs that your cell is tapped. When the battery is extremely hot, it is a clear sign that she is discharged, which, logically, can not be, when the phone is in a "sleep mode". Perhaps in your mobile spyware. Also watch out for the time of discharge cell phone. If the battery is discharged very quickly, but the phone no one touched, then this means that in it there are any extraneous processes. Remember that if you are the owner of the old phone, the battery can be quickly discharged from the large depreciation. In this case it must be replaced.

Step 2:

Make sure that the phone is switched off. If suspicious flashing lights and the turn-off time of the phone significantly increased in comparison with the way it turned off before or phone does not turn off, it is likely he is "on tapping". Also pay attention if your mobile arbitrarily includes backlight, opens or closes the program recorded in it or starts spontaneously reboot. Of course, there may be technical problems. But probably someone really wants to know about your negotiations.

Step 3:

Keep an eye on the quality of communication during a telephone conversation. If you constantly hear during a conversation with another person using echo or any other noise in the form of hissing or clicking of - it is one of the signs that you are "under the hood". Keep in mind that noise may occur due to poor signal reception, but they do not have to be present all the time. Also remember that if you hold your mobile to the speakers or the speakers (eg, a computer), it should not occur continuously "bubbling" sound when the phone negotiations are not conducted. Such a feature may indicate that spyware application transmits ambient sounds to another phone. If the "gurgling" intermittent, then that's fine.