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How to maintain air conditioning

Air conditioning systems have long and firmly established in our homes and offices. Air is able to for a long time to perform their functions, but only in the case of regular care of him, and maintained. This control unit allows the state to extend the service life of the air conditioner.

How to maintain air conditioning

You will need:

- manual air conditioning; - Warm water; - Filter gasket.

Instruction how to serve air conditioning

Step 1:

When the air conditioner operation, pay attention to symptoms that may directly or indirectly indicate that the device needs servicing. In most cases it requires prevention and when the device begins to slightly cool room.

Step 2:

Check whether there is warm air from the device, not frosted over whether the indoor radiator. Sometimes traces of frost may appear on the nuts of the block. The indicator, which should be taken into account when service is and odor from the air conditioner.

Step 3:

To prevent the air conditioner malfunctions, always remember to maintain a temperature mode in which the device can operate. Except for the maximum modes that are particularly fast output device failure.

Step 4:

Periodically cleaning the indoor unit filter layer is to protect the radiator from dust. In a dusty environment, set the indoor unit special pads that make filtering more subtle.

Step 5:

To clean the filter of the indoor unit, rinse it under not very strong blast of warm water. Carry out this procedure at least once in two weeks, and if the dust in the room above the norm, even more often.

Step 6:

If you violate the rules of operation of the air conditioner, specified in the technical manual can pile drainage system and the emergence of a water leak. Also, heat transfer deteriorates with the radiator, it appears frost. Therefore, always make sure that the air conditioner without the filter has not been used. Otherwise, the device will have to be given to repairing service.

Step 7:

Service unit of the external device, as well as full air conditioning system requires prevention training. So be sure to sign a contract with a specialized organization on maintenance of the system. Maintenance work in this case are usually held twice a year.