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How to make a machine with a motor

The idea to make your child a machine with a motor will seem strange to many: what is the deal with this, if the machine in children's stores for all tastes. But if you want to prove themselves and gain recognition in the eyes of the baby, it is worth a try, although it is not a simple matter.

How to make a machine with a motor

Instruction how to make a machine with a motor

Step 1:

Ideal - radio-controlled machine. For a start will have to acquire the assembly diagram and accurate drawings of the future model. Do not do without serious knowledge of electrical engineering, because the machine has a very sophisticated device. Well, in the completion of the preparatory stage of the purchase all the necessary details. We must start from the remote control. From the correctness of its assembly will depend on the ability to move the car, overcome obstacles, maneuver, etc. Avtomodelistov usually use a three-channel remote pistol, which, if desired, and maybe you can assemble yourself.

Step 2:

A simpler option - buy a special designer, where there are all the necessary details, with detailed diagrams and drawings of models. These designers provide for the build up to several tens of different models.

Step 3:

Engines for radio-controlled cars can be both electric and internal combustion engines. Internal combustion engines are in turn gasoline and mantle running on methanol, nitromethane and oils and mixtures gazospirtovoy. The volume of these engines ranging from 15 to 35 cm3. The volume of the fuel tanks can reach 700 cm3, which provides the engine for 45 minutes in a continuous mode. A significant part of petrol models have rear-wheel drive and are set independently adjustable suspension.

Step 4:

Today, the sale is a set of models specially designed for lovers of their own to collect petrol cars made by companies of ABC, Protech, FG Modelsport (Germany), HPI, HIMOTO (USA), etc. Feature of these models is that they are made on the basis of actual prototypes. After assembly is complete, install and charge the onboard battery, the battery in the transmitter, fill gasoline tank and go.