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How to make a wireless camera

The process of connecting a wireless camera to a computer does not differ from the similar connection device equipped with a connecting wire. To make a wireless camera, you do not need to understand the operating system. All operations are carried out quickly and require the user to only superficial knowledge of the PC.

How to make a wireless camera

You will need:

Wireless camera, computer, wireless camera driver.

Instruction how to make a wireless camera

Step 1:

To the wireless web camera is properly recognized by the system, the user must install on your computer any additional software. The necessary software can be found in the sales package of the device. Before you connect the camera to a computer, you need to install drivers.

Step 2:

Insert the disc with the webcam software into the drive and wait for it to fully boot the system. After the drive is ready for further work, you need to install drivers for your PC model. To do this, set the appropriate command in the open window. During installation, be careful not to interfere with the installation process - the installation should be performed by default. Once the software installation is finished, reboot the system.

Step 3:

After restarting the system, insert the USB into a computer-signal transmitter port for the webcam. Turn on the device and run a program shortcut that appears on your desktop. Here you can test the functionality of the connected device. Connection completed.

Step 4:

If you do not have drivers for the webcam, you can download them on the Internet website developer. Note that before installing the downloaded software on your computer, you should check the installation file for viruses. Install the driver only when the threats did not show up for your PC.