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How to make IP-telephony

IP-telephony as an opportunity to make much cheaper calls for intercity and international is becoming increasingly popular. Perhaps the most popular form of this type of communication is Skype. But Skype is mostly used as an individual form of communication, and in addition it is possible to establish an IP-telephony in the office.

How to make IP-telephony

You will need:

- a special service; - Voice Adapter; - Programmable office telephone exchange.

Instruction how to make ip-telephony

Step 1:

IP-telephony allows to save money on long distance / international calls. This factor is very essential for individual entrepreneurs, and for larger companies and corporations. And here the important role played not only the economy, but also the opportunity to ease of use and management centralization. If the employee will not have time to study the tricky instructions or perform complex manipulations to make a simple call, most likely, he will not use IP-telephony, and simply lift a traditional phone and dial the phone number as usual. But you pay the bill for discussion at the full rate.

Step 2:

Select the IP-telephony provider. Now this kind of services in each region offers a large number of organizations. For example, one such organization is the service VoipDiscount. Visit site and register an account. You will receive a login and password to login - write them down and keep it in a secret place, they will still be needed. One account can simultaneously negotiate on seven lines, because you are connecting the office network, and you need it is a multi-channel communication. In addition, you will receive a single bill, because you need a centralized financial management.

Step 3:

Get the adapter. If your office has a programmable PBX, which provides access to the Internet telephone channel, you can configure the IP-telephony in such a way to use it with a normal landline phone. For this purpose, special devices VoIP-adapters - many of them simple and inexpensive models.

Step 4:

Configure the adapter using the Internet cable. This is simply done by specifying your network, as well as the login and password received on VoipDiscount site. IP-telephony is connected.