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How to make the program

With the advent of information technology programming is becoming increasingly popular and necessary skill. However, to write their own programs need to not only initial training, but also a special mindset.

How to make the program

Instruction how to make the program

Step 1:

Decide on the programming language. The choice depends on you, because the base level of the program can be made in all languages ​​about the same. Businesses have languages ​​in roughly the following order on the "breadth of opportunities»: pascal, basic, delphi, C. Although this classification is very subjective - there are simply different languages ​​for different purposes. Today it is most commonly used C ++ programming, so it makes sense to start learning right away with the language.

Step 2:

Pick software. Of course, work in a series of Borland is a "sandbox" each programmer: it is the oldest and most uncomfortable programming environment to work even under DOS. Meaning its use is that it is very hard on the syntax and correct algorithmization, while more modern studios, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, in the course of fix for you half the error, and you do not even realize that they have made - that, certainly harmful, especially at first. However, after the basic language acquisition (reaching, for example, to work with texts) go to the VS simply need to since you are unlikely to apply the software written by the Borland, in practice.

Step 3:

Use the series of books "For Dummies". They are written in very plain language and will help you quickly and fully to learn programming language. If the information that you give the book seem a little - look for another, more serious literature. Reading constantly align with the practice, and special attention to the writing of algorithms - a highly useful to you in the future.

Step 4:

Start writing your own programs after studying the language. Training can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple months, but do not worry - after the first lesson, you will be able to write a working program. However, if you have a plan that requires the implementation, it is best to start it only when you are completely confident that you can complete the project on three sides: the interface (for it is responsible for much of the environment), and the algorithm code.