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How to open pim

pim.vol file for storing phone address book data, a list of recent calls and "Tasks". Open a file, you can use SPB Backup Unpack application, which is part of SPB Backup package.

How to open pim

You will need:

- SPB Backup Unpack

Instruction how to open pim

Step 1:

Download and install the SPB Backup Unpack the application, which is part of the extended package of SPB Backup.

Step 2:

Back up pim.vol file located in the root directory of the mobile device using the built-in file manager on the memory card.

Step 3:

Start the application and open the "File" menu, the top of the program window toolbar.

Step 4:

Select "Advanced" and select command "Open pim.vol file."

Step 5:

Save the open file in the vCard format for further use.

Step 6:

Pim.vol Change the file name in the root directory on pim_old.vol after the procedure hard reset and transfer previously created a copy of the file from the memory card to the memory of the mobile device to perform the operation restore your contact list.

Step 7:

Close all running applications and restart the device to apply the selected changes.

Step 8:

Take advantage of a free program NS Contacts Backup for your contacts list on your memory card and set smsOrganizer or TabBackup application for creating backup copies of e-mails, SMS and MMS.

Step 9:

Evaluate the possibility of free programs to identify and partial recovery Backup.stg files created by the application for the ActiveSync synchronization, with the impossibility of recovery after the hard reset procedure, or use the paid app, having a 30-day trial period.

Step 10:

Run the following command in the terminal if you can not open the file pim.vol other means: perl pim.vol, where the script exit "Usage: filename" unless $ ARGV [0]; print "Start parsing .. \ n"; my $ cond = "wait"; my $ contact = ''; my% contacts; open (F, "