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How to play the game on the PSP

PSP owners often install on your gaming console games found on the Internet. So, quite popular PSX-PSP games from the Playstation first, specially altered to work on modern models of PSP. Adhering to an algorithm of actions, you can download, install and play the game on your PSP.

How to play the game on the PSP

Instruction on how to play psp game

Step 1:

Learn the firmware of your gaming console. To do this, navigate to "Settings» → «System Settings» → «System Information." The name after the firmware should be the letters OE-A or M33. If there are no characters, you must reflash the console, or you can set it to only the official games purchased from the PlayStation Store.

Step 2:

Install the plugin. Seplugins Create a folder in the root folder of your memory card. Then, go to the folder Recovery → Plugins and activate the plugin. Hold the console at startup key R and select the Pops (Popsloader 5.50GEN 5.00m33-2 placed on top). Seplugins Copy the folder to the root of the memory card. There will be a question of whether you want to replace the folder. Substituted, or save both folders.

Step 3:

Remove the memory card, the old file. This file is located in the folder ms0: / seplugins /. Then restart your PSP, using VSH Menu (Select → Reset device). The memory card config.bin updated file appears again.

Step 4:

Download the desired game. In most cases, gaming forums, distributing the games are implemented as files folders which contain Eboot.pbp file. Every game will be called so, are only different names of folders containing them.

Step 5:

Connect Connect USB, and throw off the image of the game in the folder ms0: \ RSP \ GAME \ Nazvanie_Igry. For example: ms0: \ PSP \ GAME \ Resident_Evil \ EBOOT.PBP.

Step 6:

Start your game. To do this, disconnect the USB connection, restart the console, and then in the "game" on the set-top box memory card folder. Here you will see your game. In the majority of hands indicates what kind Pops need to install and use to run your chosen game.

Step 7:

Turn Popsloader. Hold R key immediately after the start of the game. A menu appears with different firmware. Bottom line - use Pops'a depending on the firmware version installed on your PSP. Select the required version, press X and enjoy the game.