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How to promote the channel on YouTube

YouTube - the world's largest video hosting service that can give the owner of the account millions of views. However, to achieve such indicators few can, and often quite interesting video goes unnoticed. How to promote a YouTube channel, so that it became really popular?

How to promote the channel on YouTube

Instruction how to promote the channel on youtube

Step 1:

Of course, one should begin with the quality of the content. "outshoot"As a rule, those channels that have their own chip, its unique feature. which makes the audience not only to subscribe themselves, but also to share the link to your video in social networks and blogs. The roller can for instance be funny, or useful for a person to solve any problem of it. If your video is not really anything new, it's a bad video. You can attract users once intriguing title, or screenshot, but it will become a subscriber only when he likes the video itself.

Step 2:

However, to make a good video - this is not all, it is important to properly execute and submit. The first is to pay attention to the title and summary, that is the description of the roller. Also, do not lazy to register tags, and category. Let the title and description as possible be more informative and understandable. The text should also contain keywords.

Step 3:

We need as many links to your video on external resources. Share your clips on social networks, which also do not forget about tags and descriptions. In general, place the links wherever you can only - it will attract more audience through search engines. Some even buy links on the stock exchanges, as in the promotion of sites.

Step 4:

Also, in order to promote a channel on YouTube, is not superfluous to post video responses in the comments under the rollers of other authors. Some videos are browsing thousands of users a day, that's underneath something and you want to place your video. Of course, it must be relevant and fit in with the general course of the discussion, otherwise you can not avoid the negative, ratings "I do not like" or just delete your video channel owner.

Step 5:

Regularly publish new videos. Subscribers are showing much more interest in a live, constantly updated channels. Furthermore, the larger roller, the more "entry points" on your channel.

Step 6:

Constantly urged his audience to action. if you want people subscribed to your channel, just ask him about it - sometimes it works. You can also say: "If you liked this video, place the Like!" or "The next movie will be released when it attains a thousand likes". Make repost people is often difficult, but layknut not mind. Meanwhile, the number of positive ratings affect the position of your videos in the search results.

Step 7:

Aerobatics promotion - it's a viral video that in a short time at odds for a large audience. If "catch a wave"Channel can be popular in a few hours.

Step 8:

Make friends with the owners of other channels, subscribe to them, and comment on videos, agree to exchange links - all these effective measures of promotion. Be sure to respond to the comments under your publications, support the discussion.