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How to pump a photo phone

It does not always have a camera at hand, so the phone can often be kept interesting pictures, which will take its rightful place in the photo collection. How to transfer them to a computer or another phone?

How to pump a photo phone

You will need:

- Infrared; - Bluetooth; - Cable to connect the phone; - memory card; - Card reader; - access to the Internet.

Instruction how to pump a photo phone

Step 1:

There are several ways of exchanging data between a cell phone and other devices. If set to go mobile data cable, you can at any time to connect it to your computer. Plug the cable into the right connectors. On your phone, a message will appear with a choice of connection mode. You can use the device as a USB flash drive or connect a phone with pre-installed software.

Step 2:

Typically, the driver comes with the phone on the disc. If the purchase was not additional media or you've lost CD, you can download the necessary software from the official website of the manufacturer. Visit the site in section "Maintenance", "Support" or "Service" in the English language the Service, then select "Downloads", or Downloads. Enter the cell phone model. Driver Download the latest version.

Download Software

Step 3:

Install the software and connect your phone via cable. With this program you can not only siphon photos, but also to keep contacts database, view messages and phone calls, as well as use the phone as a modem. To move images, select the program folder of photos on your phone. Select the desired frames, copy them and save to a folder on your hard disk.

Save the selected images on a computer

Step 4:

If the mobile has a memory card, and you want to pump the photos of her without a cable, you will need a card reader. Remove the media from the phone, after turning it off, if required by the instruction. Place the card into the appropriate slot on the card reader. Go to "My Computer." Below will be a new removable drive. Further work with a memory card with a memory stick.

Step 5:

In earlier models, the infrared port can be present phones to exchange data between devices. To use it, you must have the infrared port on both the sending and the receiving device. To transfer photos between phones or from phone to computer to include an infrared port, select the picture you want to use and click "Send via IR" on the menu. The transfer is carried out downstream of infrared sensors to each other at a distance of 5-7 centimeters.

Step 6:

To send data via Bluetooth as its presence is required on the transmitting and receiving devices. Turn on the Bluetooth function, select one or more photos and send them via Bluetooth. Receiving data should detect your phone into the network and be able to accept files. If you use Bluetooth devices, visual contact is required. Message data is possible at a distance of 200 meters. But the presence of obstacles can significantly reduce this distance.

Step 7:

If your phone is connected unlimited internet, you can upload photos to your blog, website or e-mail. And then open the images via the Internet from a computer and save them to your hard drive. If you have any chargeable connection to mobile, the downloading of photos from the phone can be costly. Beforehand confirm your rate.