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How to put a browser on a mobile phone

The mobile phone today has almost everyone. But the navigator is not at all. If you are not the driver, then this device, you will most likely have not yet acquired. Do not rush to buy it - for hiking as a navigator can use a mobile phone.

How to put a browser on a mobile phone

Instruction how to put a browser on a mobile phone

Step 1:

Make sure that your mobile phone has a virtual machine Java. Also check whether there is in it a navigation receiver GLONASS or GPS standard. If such a receiver is not, find out whether your phone even Bluetooth. If it is, buy an inexpensive device - external GLONASS or GPS-receiver.

Step 2:

Connect operator service unlimited access to the Internet. In the phone correctly configure the access point (its name must begin with the word internet, and not wap). Make sure that the traffic is no longer charged.

Step 3:

Go to the next page: Download the app from it that matches your machine model. Install it on your phone. In the Settings app, allow it to access the internet, Bluetooth and a navigation receiver.

Step 4:

Running the application, first of all, select the menu "Settings" - "Language". Wait to load the list of languages. Choose the Russian language.

Step 5:

Restart the program. Now, its interface will be presented in Russian. In the menu, select "Settings", and then - the indents "GPS" and "Select Device." Select embedded or an external navigation receiver, depending on the model. In the second case, wait for the search Bluetooth-enabled devices, and then get right among them.

Step 6:

Again, select the "Settings" menu item. Then select the item "Use Map". Note that the default map included Yahoo. Turn them off. Disconnect all of the cards in general, are included. Instead, turn on the map "OpenStreetMap - OpenStreetMap (Mapnik)".

Step 7:

Again restart the program. Select the menu item "Settings" - "GPS" - "Mobile. tracking". Check the box "move the map." Then in the submenu "GPS" go to «Web Tracking" option and make sure to tick "Yes" is missing.

Step 8:

Also included in the section "Settings" - "Display" check "Show the default" - "Position". In the same section, move the radio button "Show names for the" to "All".

Step 9:

Go outside or near a window. Wait a location and press 9. When the card progruz, you know where you are.

Step 10:

To find out the route for getting from one point to another, select the menu item "Search" - "Get Directions." Then fill in the required fields.