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How to put games on samsung

Most of Samsung mobile phone supports a variety of applications. These include games, a program for reading electronic books and many other utilities.

How to put games on samsung

You will need:

Samsung PC Studio.

Instruction on how to put games samsung

Step 1:

Loading programs into the mobile phone can be in two ways. In the first case, you need an active Internet connection. Set the connection directly on the phone or use a computer as a server.

Step 2:

Open the Internet browser available in the mobile device. Navigate to the site that contains your application. It makes more sense to first find the required page using the computer, and then enter the ready links in the phone's browser.

Step 3:

Perform downloading game files in jad format. After you save the program on a mobile device, you will be prompted to install it. Click "Yes" to start the process. Similarly, the method will install other programs and games.

Step 4:

If you do not want to spend the Internet traffic load on the required application, use the program Samsung PC Studio. Download the program from the developer's site. Install it and restart your computer.

Step 5:

Open the Samsung PC Studio and connect your mobile phone to your computer. To do this, use the USB-cable or Bluetooth-adapter. Wait until the program detects the new device. Download the installation files of games in jar format and save them on your hard drive.

Step 6:

In the PC Studio software, click "Install applications". Wait for the launch of Windows Explorer. Select the downloaded file in jar format. Click "Open" button and wait for the setup application in your mobile phone. Using this algorithm, load the rest of the game in the mobile device.

Step 7:

Restart your mobile phone. Open the folder containing the installed games. Alternately, check availability of each application. If a program does not start, check its compatibility with your mobile device version and repeat the download procedure.