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How to recover drowned phone

If a cell phone fell into the water, not in a hurry to leave him there and run for a new one. If urgent measures to recover it, it may still run for many years without failure.

How to recover drowned phone

Instruction how to recover sunk phone

Step 1:

Remove the cover from the unit and disconnect the battery. After that, remove the SIM-card and memory card. Put them to dry at room temperature, in any case do not try to speed up the process by using a hair dryer or a heating radiator. If the phone fell into the water while charging (for example, has been dropped in the indoor aquarium), first unplug the charger from the mains and only then reach for the device from the water. If you had fallen into the water machine has been connected to the computer before you remove it from the water, disconnect the cable from the computer.

Step 2:

Buy a special set of screwdrivers for disassembling mobile phones. Ordinary screwdrivers are not suitable - they only spoil the slots, and dismantle the apparatus becomes very difficult. Further, all depends on the form factor of a mobile phone. If a candy bar, dismantling it does not require any special explanation. If, however, before you flip or slider, be sure to get on the Internet and a detailed illustrated instructions for dismantling the apparatus of this model.

Step 3:

If the phone was in salt water, wash all parts except for the display and the battery with distilled water. For apparatus that drowned in fresh water, this step can be skipped. Then put all the details, and in addition to the display and battery, in pure alcohol (vodka is not necessary), and will hold there for a few hours. Taking them out of alcohol, let them dry, which can take hours. It is also not allowed to use a hair drier or other heating appliances.

Step 4:

Assemble the phone in the reverse order, set it SIM-card, a memory card and battery. If the water was salty, it is desirable to replace the latter. Turn on the machine and check the operation. Over the next months you use a mobile phone if he'll learn exactly was the malfunction, or the quality of his work has not changed.