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How to Recover Lost Room

Sometimes it happens that SIM-card with your favorite phone number lost. However, to date, all mobile operators offer this service as the restoration of the lost phone numbers. So do not despair, because the restore SIM-card, you can not even leaving home.

How to Recover Lost Room

Instruction how to restore the lost room

Step 1:

Recover SIM-card via the Internet. You must fill out an application on the SIM-card replacement on the official website of the mobile operator. Next, you need to verify the correctness and accuracy of the information you entered. If you notice any mistake, press the "Change" button. If everything is correct, click "Confirm Order". After confirmation, you will be assigned a unique order number. The next step is an order confirmation with an employee of the company's cellular communications. He will contact you by phone or email. The same conditions will be discussed shipping SIM-card. After all the formalities carried out and an order, you just have to wait for delivery of a new SIM-card with your old phone number. As a rule, delivery is made within three working days after ordering.

Step 2:

The second solution to the problem - to apply in person at the office of the cellular operator. You just need to come to any office of your mobile operator, and fill out an application for the replacement SIM-card. You should have a passport. If you have lost SIM-card recently, and your room is not blocked, the new SIM-card will be issued immediately. If you do not use SIM-card more than six months, then it is blocked. In this case, we will have to wait three or four days from the date of registration of the application.

Step 3:

If you can not personally come to the office or to restore the SIM-card via the Internet, then for you it may make someone from relatives. To do this, you need a signed power of attorney. She writes in free form by hand. If you connect a subscriber SIM-card using the code word, then to the power of attorney has been accepted for consideration, you will need to inform his staff of your mobile operator.