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How to remove the iPhone lock code

The lock code helps to protect iphone from unauthorized access in case of loss or theft. After installation, you must enter the code 4 digits to access the device. And what to do if the lock code is lost?

How to remove the iPhone lock code

You will need:

- iPhone PC Suite (for PC with OS Windows); - IFile (for PCs with Mac OS); - Plist Editor.

Instruction how to remove the iphone lock code

Step 1:

Make sure that the device is made jailbreak operation. It is necessary to be able to gain access to the device file system, without which the lock code reset impracticable.

Step 2:

Download and install on the computer file manager - iPhone PC Suite for Windows or iFile for the Mac OS operating system. Cydia app store offers a large selection of file manager apps from which you can always choose the most suitable.

Step 3:

Connect your iPhone to the computer and close iTunes program that runs automatically when it detects a compatible device.

Step 4:

Open the file manager application, a corresponding computer's operating system and select your iPhone.

Step 5:

Follow the path of Private / var / mobile / Library / Preferences and create a copy file.

Step 6:

Open a new copy by using plist Editor application and get the code with a value of 1 PasswordProtected.

Step 7:

Change the code value on PasswordProtected 0 and save the modified file.

Step 8:

Replace the original file to change and place it on the way Private / var / mobile / Library / Preferences.

Step 9:

Perform right click on the newly created file to display the shortcut menu, and navigate to select "Attributes."

Step 10:

Enter a value of 600 and then restart the iPhone. This will reset the device to factory settings, but retain all other data.

Step 11:

Use an alternate method of partial discharge lock code (for iOS 4.1 only).

Step 12:

Press the emergency calls and enter any four random characters.

Step 13:

Press the "Call" and then immediately press the lock key. This will open the iPhone phone application co owner of the unit contacts list.

Step 14:

Use the phone application to access the application with photographs. Access to the main menu of the device is not possible.