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How to remove the lock on the TV

On many models of TV there is a special feature of protection against children, it is activated by a certain combination of buttons on your remote control on and off in the same way.

How to remove the lock on the TV

You will need:

- remote control; - Instruction.

Instruction how to remove the lock on the TV

Step 1:

Remember the combination that you enter in order to block your TV. Enter the same combination on your remote control and check that the lock is lost. Please note that different manufacturers established its own locking system, but in some cases the actions to unlock can match.

Step 2:

Try it for a long time to press the Display button on your remote control (sometimes even up to two minutes). Also try the other buttons on your remote control, for example, the sound switch button or channel. Check other buttons associated with the setting on your TV, not related to the digital portion of the console.

Step 3:

Find the instructions for your television, read the menu on the TV by unlocking the protection of children. If for any reason there is none among you, download it from the official website of the manufacturer, choosing the menu beforehand your particular TV model. Do not use the instructions from similar models, all must comply.

Step 4:

Open the instructions and look at the last page of her, usually a universal unlock code indicated on its last pages, which is why it is not recommended to use instructions from the other models.

Step 5:

If you do not have the remote control of your TV, you can purchase a suitable your model device to the next radio point of sales. Please note that if you do not find the remote control for your specific model, you may want to try using a different remote control device from any manufacturer of this model, however, it does not act in all cases.

Step 6:

If you have not helped various combinations, refer to the special service center for repair televisions. Also, if the term of the manufacturer's warranty has not expired, you can contact them by telephone tech support, and asked for the model and serial number of your TV to receive instructions for unlocking.