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How to remove voice from music

Most soundtracks that can be found on the Internet, were originally songs, of which just cut out the voice. This explains not always good quality soundtrack. To search for minus on the network, you can do a surgery to remove the voice itself, knowing a few simple things and at least one audio editor.

How to remove voice from music

You will need:

audio editor

Instruction how to remove voice from music

Step 1:

Download and install audio editor, if you've never met them. The most simple in Adobe-editors. For example, Audition, or a simplified version of the same program Soundboth. If the description on the internet you will enjoy another program, you can use it. You just need to make sure that it is sufficient tools for the following operations.

Step 2:

Cut the frequency range in which the human voice. This method is the most common, but it is very defective. The range of the human voice is so wide that the complete removal of its carved part of the musical accompaniment. This may be as separate notes in the game tool and the entire tool as a whole.

Step 3:

If an artist has a lot of whistling and hissing, the track will be even poorer in removing these sounds. As a result, the music will remain the general rhythm. Despite this, the process is easy, and if you is not as important a perfect result, and the singer's voice is good, use it to them.

Step 4:

Work with the track channels. This second method by which a voice can be removed. Its essence lies in the fact that the song is almost always recorded in stereo. So, it has two channels. The man's voice is recorded on the center of the channel. If they impose on each other, the vocals drown himself. In this method has its drawbacks. Say goodbye to the bass in the song. As well as voice, bass guitar and bass drum set is also in the center, which means that they, too, will disappear. But when it comes to pop music, which is rarely used these tools, it is not so scary.

How to remove voice from music

Step 5:

Do not worry, that after mixing the voice channel is not lost. Chances are you've done it right, just had a voice or reverb effect has been imposed twice with a slight delay to give additional audio track features. In this case, the method fails.

Step 6:

Try to combine the first and second method. It is good that, most likely, you will completely get rid of the voice, but also be prepared for the fact that the problem can get out of both techniques.