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How to Repair a touch screen

Probably many familiar with the problem of loss of sensitivity of the touch screen on the PDA. If you are not considered cost-effective to carry it in the repair service center and think you'll be able to repair it, then this article will help you.

How to Repair a touch screen

You will need:

A small Phillips screwdriver and a screwdriver hexagon besides stationery eraser and tape.

Instruction how to repair the touch screen

Step 1:

Free workplace of unnecessary items. Prepare a box for storing bolts, so they are not lost. Separate the sidewall. Remove the two hex bolt under the sidewalls and two bolt at the bottom of the rear lid. More unscrew the bolts in the battery compartment. In the place where you removed the sidewall has a latch. Separate the top cover using a screwdriver. Disconnect the connector of the screen and remove the two Phillips screwdriver shurupchika located in the upper part. In the upper right corner of the board is a headphone jack. Underneath there is a microphone. Release the connector from the housing and separate the board from the screen.

Step 2:

Clean eraser loop contacts - they will begin to shine. Flip the screen. Connect the shield to the board. Next you need to enable the design. The board tape fix the battery. For this design to work, you need to release the lock, which is located between the CF connector and the battery. Press the Power button on the board.

Step 3:

Usually, failure is that the plume is lost contact with the touch screen. To check this, put the eraser on the connection stub area and the screen. Press down lightly on him and move a stylus on the screen. If it worked, you can easily fix it. Cut a very thin and smooth strip eraser, about 1 mm. Glue this strip in place of the contact loop with the screen glue that is not immediately freezes. If then the assembly would be that the screen is not restored, push the eraser to a more suitable place.

Step 4:

Reassemble in reverse order. Do not forget about the microphone and pieces of tape, if you left them for fixing the battery. Sometimes it can lead to dismantling "hard-reset"For example, due to the fact that the auxiliary battery sat. In this case, install the Russification and start the recovery process.