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How to restore default settings in Nokia

The operation restore the factory (standard) settings Nokia mobile devices of different models can differ in minor details, but is subject to the same sequence of actions: the restoration is performed by means of the system and does not require the use of additional applications.

How to restore default settings in Nokia

Instruction how to restore the default settings in nokia

Step 1:

Open the device's main menu and navigate to the item "Options" to perform a restore operation standard (factory) settings in your phone.

Step 2:

Select "Restore factory settings" section. Possible titles: - "Reset Unit"; - "Restore factory settings"; - "Restore factory settings".

Step 3:

Select the item "Restore settings only" to return to the standard phone features while maintaining the existing personal data, messages and media files (option command "Settings Only").

Step 4:

Use the "Reset All" to remove all data stored on the device and restore the factory settings status.

Step 5:

Enter the device lock code before performing a recovery operation. Enter the default code 12345, if it has not been modified and enter the value, if the lock code has been changed.

Step 6:

The impossibility of introducing the necessary code will need to contact Nokia Care service center.

Step 7:

Take advantage of the introduction of a special code * # 7780 # to implement the alternative method restore the default settings of the mobile device, or enter a value of * # 7370 # to complete cleaning of all the data and delete media files from your phone to factory settings restoration.

Step 8:

Do not forget to remove the card before performing a restore operation, because otherwise all the information and the map itself will be removed will be blocked.