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How to restore the old settings

Return to the previous system settings on computers that are running Windows, you can by using the integrated tool "System Restore." Attraction of additional software is not required.

How to restore the old settings

Instruction how to restore previous settings

Step 1:

Run the built-in System Restore function. To do this in Windows XP version of the system call the main menu by pressing the "Start" button, and navigate to select "All Programs." Open the link "Accessories" and select "System Restore" section. An alternative way to start the desired function can be set to 'Help and Support' "Start" and the opening section "Pick a Task" in the main menu. Enter the command "Undo changes to your system restore." Another method - return to the main "Start" menu and navigate to the dialog "Run". Type% SystemRoot% system32 estore strui.exe in the "Open" line and confirm the launch of the utility, press the OK button.

Step 2:

Create a restore point manually. To do this, select the "Create a restore point" and confirm the selected action by clicking the "Next" button. Type in the desired definition created by the point in the line "restore point description" and save your changes by clicking on "Create".

Step 3:

Click "Home" to return to the main utility window and select "Restore an earlier state of the computer." Confirm your selection by clicking "Next" button and specify the desired date, or the name of a recovery point in the list, the following dialog box. Confirm the execution of the selected action by clicking the "Next" button in the prompted window, and wait for the restore process. An indicator of this system will reboot automatically.

Step 4:

Note that the tool also provides the ability to cancel a restore, if the result is not satisfactory, and select a different checkpoint. It should also be remembered that the programs that you installed after the restore point may be lost, so it is recommended preliminary creation of copies of the desired applications on removable media.