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How to return a cell phone for 14 days

Return the goods to the store - a very unpleasant procedure, which encountered some buyers. To be sure of the correctness during the dialogue with representatives of the company, you need to get ready.

How to return a cell phone for 14 days

You will need:

- documentation to the phone; - A full set of accessories.

Instruction how to get a cell phone for 14 days

Step 1:

Prepare all documents that are available to you on this product. Do not forget about the warranty card. Take a absolutely all the accessories included in the kit.

Step 2:

Remember that the rule does not apply to fourteen days in relation to mobile phones. This means that the firm-seller has the right to refuse to refund for defective goods.

Step 3:

If you decide to pass the defective merchandise - be prepared to be refused. It is best to politely ask the shop representative to exchange goods. Describe preliminary reason for the return. Do not immediately require a refund, as the likelihood of success is very low.

Step 4:

If within two weeks in the mobile phone revealed significant apparent malfunction, request a replacement product or refund. Refuse proposals pass the mobile phone to a service center. Significant marriage shown in the first days of use, is a clear sign of poor-quality goods.

Step 5:

In that case, if the seller insists on examination, pass goods company. Do not take back the device to the service center yourself. For the average repair company issued 45 days. In your case, this period should be 10 days.

Step 6:

Write a complaint to the company, the seller's name, if you refused to accept the goods of inadequate quality. You should receive a written response from the organization within 10 days. It is important to remember that in the event of further proceedings you are entitled to claim compensation, the amount of which is 1.5% of the goods value for each day of delay the refund.

Step 7:

Remember that initially it is better to try to solve the problem peacefully. There are companies who are happy to go to meet customers most contentious issues.