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How to sell a Canon lens

Photographic equipment requires regular purchase all sorts of devices and "widgets" that every day the market is becoming more and more. But, buying, for example, the new lens is the Canon, you do not know what to do with the old one. It can be sold, was rescued on that a good amount of money.

How to sell a Canon lens

Instruction how to sell the lens canon

Step 1:

"Flea markets" and thrift shops. If you want to get rid of the lens as the suit token amount as soon as possible, and you, then take it to the pawnshop, or sell to their own hands. For Canon lens you there is unlikely to be offered a lot of money - always urgency "utsenyaet" products, but it is still better than give away for free.

Step 2:

Newspapers and free classifieds. Daily publications and portals like browsing hundreds of people who, quite possibly, looking for a lens as you do, and are willing to pay for it rather big money. The ad text specify the most complete information - the year of issue, state specifications to save time for an explanation of all this on the phone and not to mislead potential buyers. Most of these sites have a user-friendly interface - registering, you link your account to the email address or phone number, and all notifications of new messages about sales come in real-time.

Step 3:

A popular way of marketing today lens Canon - «throw-cry" in social networks. The youth of today is actively using them to communicate with each other and exchange interesting information. Take advantage of this. Write an ad on your page and ask your friends to census him - certainly among your friends, or find someone to whom the offer may seem tempting.

Step 4:

Online auctions, such as and Ebay. These sites are very popular for worldwide sales of goods. A huge number of registered users, secure payment methods attract each day more and more customers, so you do not have to wait for a buyer for a long time.