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How to send a message to Ukraine

Send a message to Ukraine is possible not only mobile, but also with the help of a computer with Internet access. And it can be done for free. This service offers its subscribers Kyivstar.

How to send a message to Ukraine

You will need:

the Internet

Instruction how to send a message to Ukraine

Step 1:

To send sms you must log on to the operator site. To the right you will see a large SMS the letters and the inscription "Vidpraviti" over them. Click on it to start writing posts.

Step 2:

This opens a page where you will find a report on the number of messages sent from your computer during the day. Here you can find out more about the new features of the operator in providing services to its subscribers connection.

Step 3:

The field for entering a phone number, select Kyivstar, djuice and Beeline and corresponding first three digits of the number. In the next field to the right, enter the remaining seven digits. Now you have to choose the characters to enter text messages. As a rule, it is proposed the Cyrillic or Latin fonts. Service will work correctly if you give preference to Latin characters.

Step 4:

In the box under "Text povidomlennya" you need to enter a message. To the left of the text, you can observe how many characters are still available for input. Basically it allowed to write no more than 120 characters in one message.

Step 5:

After the message text input, check that the set of the recipient's phone number and click on the button "Vidpraviti" message to be sent. To protect the site from computers / bots, anyone wishing to send SMS are invited to take the test. You will be prompted to choose from multiple images are those that respond to the question. For example, to send a message, select two images of wildlife from nine proposed.

Step 6:

After completing the task, click again on the button to send the SMS. After a couple of seconds to wait for the send queue, you will receive a notification that the message has been sent. SMS sending date will be indicated on the Ukrainian time. Next message you can send is not earlier than in two minutes.